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Tarantela Savannahs

From 2009 we started a breeding programme for the fabulous Savannah, they are a cross between  and African Serval
and a domestic cat. Savannahs have tall and slender bodies, large pointed ears and striking black spots and great temperaments.
They look incredibly graceful. It is one of the newest breeds in the world.
The first Savannahs were bred in the USA in 1986. We were one of the first breeders in the UK.  We imported our original foundation cats from the USA to develop our breeding programme.
We do not intend to outcross our Savannahs, as we want to retain the look of the wild.

Tarantela Bengals

Bengals are a cross between Asian Leopard cats and domestic cats. (ALC's are small semi nocturnal small wild cats) and bred on through generations to achieve what we have today.
I have been b
reeding Bengals for 20 years with a short break to promote the Savannah cats.  Bengals are affectionate and attach very much like dogs do to their owners.  Unlike most cats Bengals love water, and enjoy drinking from a dripping tap. They are active cats with strong personalities and love human company.
I specialise in seal lynx snows and seal lynx mink snows. These cats just look spectacular with their beautifully rosetted coats looking so much like their wild ancestors.
 All my kittens are raised in my bedroom and are well socialised.
Bengals have always been bred to retain the look of their wild ancestors combined with the temperament of loving family pets.

Tarantela Siamese

My first love was the Siamese, their elegance, personality, their beautiful long light colours with contrasting coloured points. They just look so beautiful.
Our Siamese are registered pure Siamese.


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