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savannah spotted stud cat - tarantela


Sire: ABCSavannahs Cavaluccio (Imp. France)
Dam: Sitting Pretty Venus Williams

Frodo is a superb savannah boy he has a wonderful wild looking head with large well placed ears and jet black spotting.
Frodo is a huge boy with a large muscular frame and long body, he is producing stunning savannah kittens, which we are thrilled with. 
He also has the softest cuddly temperament you could wish for.

savannah spotted cat

Felinewild Frodo one of our Savannah studs


Manimar S
pirit of Tarantela F5  SBT  seal lynx snow spotted

Sire: Alloutofafrica Eckhart
Dam: Tylands Destiny F4

Spirit is an F5 SBT seal lynx snow spotted stud and is stunning.  We had been searching for a snow Savannah stud for a long time and Spirit was well worth the wait.  Spirit is a large muscular boy with large ears with occulli on the back a great spotted pattern and a wonderful temperament.  He is also a fertile F5 SBT boy and producing larger healthy litters.

The last picture below is of Spirit as a smaller kitten.
PK Def tested negative.

arantela Bea
tarantela Bear - savannah catr Cat  F5 SBT black spotted Savannah born 16th September 2018

Sire: Felinewild Frodo of Tarantela F6 SBT Black Spotted.

Dam: Tarantela Vienna F4 SBT seal lynx point

Bear' is a very special Savannah boy and I knew early on that he would be staying at Tarantela.  He is a very large muscular boy with lovely type, a great head with large ears with occelli, beautiful eyes and the icing on the cake he has the elusive black nose.  Bear has a beautiful prominent black spotted coat. 
Bear will also carry seal lynx snow from his mother. He is an F5 SBT and we have high hopes that he will be fertile as he comes from a very fertile male line, his father is a very fertile F6 SBT and grandfather a very fertile F5 SBT both here with us at Tarantela.
Top pictures taken recently and shows Bear at eight months old. Lower pictures and far right as a smaller kitten.

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