Our Savannah girls  

We welcome our
NEW 2019 long awaited Savannah F4  SBT seal lynx snow spotted female 'Tarantela Ice Spirit' was born 4th July 2018.

Tarantela savannah seal lynx kitten spotted savannah snowSire is:- Manimar Spirit of Tarantela F5 SBT seal lynx snow spotted.
Dam is:- Savannahcatzone Ice of Tarantela F3 C seal lynx snow spotted.

As soon as this daughter of my beautiful F3 Snow Savannah Ice was born I knew I was going to keep her, Ice took a long time to get pregnant so I know just how precious this baby is. Ice is one of a kind and the most stunning F3 snow girl I have seen.
My new baby Spirits nickname is 'Icicle' and she is so beautiful with a lovely head and black nose. She is very much like her mother Ice with a wonderful wild looking face and very prominent pattern and well set ears.
From her father she has inherited a shorter thicker tail.

Icicle has a great personality she is full of fun.
We are looking forward to breeding her, and am sure she will be a great asset to Tarantela.

Last 2 pictures are Icicle as a younger kitten.

Savannah snow spotted kitten

Savannah snow spotted - tarantela



Savannahcatzone Ice Of Tarantela  F3 Seal Lynx Snow spotted   
(Sire: SpotlightNL Spellbound Of ABCSavannahs  Dam: Savannahfarm Isis F2)

This early generation Seal Lynx Snow spotted savannah female is a delight, she has amazing blue eyes, large ears and a beautiful spotted coat.

Ice is into every thing, we have to stop what we are doing and play with her., we are  slaves as far as she is concerned.

The temperament of these cats is great.

Ice is giving us some beautiful kittens. She is just a real delight.

savannah spotted cat Ice

savannah cat  tarantela


Savannahcatzone Alaska Of Tarantela   F3 Seal Lynx Snow Spotted

(Sire: Savannahcatzone Ace F7   Dam: Savannahfarm Isis F2)


Alaska is another beautiful early generation snow Savannah at Tarantela. She has a lovely temperament and is a great mother and is producing outstanding F4 snow Savannah kittens with our F5 snow Savannah stud Spirit.

Alaska has lovely type with a long athletic body a great head just like her ancestors, really good ear set and deep sapphire blue eyes, her spotting is well contrasted, a real credit to her breed.

Our F4 Savannah kittens make great pets.