Tarantela spotted savannahs

The Savannah is a cross between an African Serval and a domestic cat. Savannahs have tall and slender bodies,  large pointed ears and striking black spots.  They look incredibly graceful.   They are one of the newest breeds in the world.  The first Savannahs were bred in the USA in 1986 - in 2001 TICA accepted the Savannahs as a new registered breed, and in May 2012 it gained Championship status.  At Tarantela we will not use outcrosses in our breeding programme, all Tarantela kittens will come from Savannah to Savannah matings. We have also imported several new Savannahs in 2016 including a spotted snow boy and girl.

Like Bengals they have been given Filial or 'F' numbers to indicate how many generations from the wild Serval they are.  An SBT is at least 4 generations removed from the Serval and is only then a true Savannah - F1's are 50% Serval this is the first generation, then the F2 is the second generation and will be at least 25% Serval, the F3 is the third generation and is at least 12.5% Serval and so on through the generations. The Savannah colours accepted by TICA are black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby and black smoke only.

As bred through the generations the size of the cat has decreased from the first generation of around 15 to 25lbs to an SBT weighing around 12lb-15lbs., but keeping their longer legs and large ears and wild appearance. Savannahs don't reach their final size until around 3 years of age.
wild Serval

Savannahs are adomnestic serval petdaptable cats, and get on well with other cats and dogs, they make good family pets.  Savannahs are very curious, assertive and active, seeking interaction with humans or other cats.  They will bond strongly with their human family, they have a great temperament. They love water and want to join in everything that is going on.   Savannahs can be easily trained to walk on a harness.  They eat the same as any other domestic cat and use the litter tray. All my kittens are registered with the TICA They are health checked, vaccinated, registered and insured.

For those who would like to know a little about the wild Serval (Leptailrus Serval).  They are not an aggressive animal and are classified as a "lessor cat" and should never be grouped with the bigger cats, they feed on rodents and birds. They weigh around 35 lbs and have golden coats with bold black spots, long slender legs and large ears with occelli (white spots on the back of the ear), and a shorter tail.  Serval's habitat r
anges from the tall grasslands, savannahs, forests and marshes of Africa.

left: Ktah of Demdar (Serval) All our Savannah girls are from his line.  Ktah the Serval passed away in 2005, this has become a rare line. We feel privileged to preserve this.


                         Our Savannah girls

F2 and B2 denotes 2 generations from the Serval.  It can also indicate 2 generations from an outcross . We have only imported F2 girls from the Serval and are only doing Savannah to Savannah matings so we keep the look of the wild cat.  The temperaments of these cats is suberb.
e have a stunning F2 Savannah girl from Kristin Filseth, DVM of Demdar Savannahs in the USA. She is home reared and has a great temperament, and definitely has the look of the Serval. This girl brings a new  pedigree to Tarantela and the UK.

Demdar Lady Sabrina F2
F2 early generation spotted tarantela savannah.Bundas Ansel x Dembar Tang F1
This stunning wild looking black spotted girl is everything I wanted in a foundation girl, the photos speak for themselves.





Sabrina spotted  savannah really looks like the Serval.




Savannahcatzone Ice of Tarantela   F3 Seal Lynx spotted Snow
seal lynx savannah snowSire: Spotlight SpellboundNL of ABCSAV/ID  Dam: Savannahfarm Isis F2)

This early generation Seal Lynx spotted Snow is a delight, she has amazing blue eyes, large ears and a beautiful spotted coat.

Ice is into every thing, we have to stop what we are doing and play with her., we are  slaves as far as she is concerned.

The temperament of these cats is great.

Ice is going to give us some great kittens in the future.



Seal Lynx spottted early generation snow F3 Savannah


Ice a few months ago.