Tarantela spotted savannahs

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                         Our Savannah girls

F2 and B2 denotes 2 generations from the Serval.  It can also indicate 2 generations from an outcross . We have only imported F2 girls from the Serval and are only doing Savannah to Savannah matings so we keep the look of the wild cat.  The temperaments of these cats is suberb.
e have a stunning F2 Savannah girl from Kristin Filseth, DVM of Demdar Savannahs in the USA. She is home reared and has a great temperament, and definitely has the look of the Serval. This girl brings a new  pedigree to Tarantela and the UK.

Demdar Lady Sabrina F2
F2 early generation spotted tarantela savannah.Bundas Ansel x Dembar Tang F1

This stunning wild looking black spotted girl is everything I wanted in a foundation girl, the photos speak for themselves





Sabrina spotted  savannah really looks like the Serval.




Savannahcatzone Ice of Tarantela   F3 Seal Lynx spotted Snow
seal lynx savannah snowSire: Spotlight SpellboundNL of ABCSAV/ID  Dam: Savannahfarm Isis F2)

This early generation Seal Lynx spotted Snow is a delight, she has amazing blue eyes, large ears and a beautiful spotted coat.

Ice is into every thing, we have to stop what we are doing and play with her., we are  slaves as far as she is concerned.

The temperament of these cats is great.

Ice is going to give us some great kittens in the future.



Seal Lynx spottted early generation snow F3 Savannah


Ice a few months ago.