tarantela early generation spotted savannahs and pure pedigree siamese.

Welcome to Tarantela Savannahs and Siamese.

My name is Karen Hodson and I have been breeding cats for the last 20 years. I started to breed Bengal cats in 1996 and was Savannah spotted catgranted the breeder prefix Tarantela with the GCCF on 1st September 1997.  As TICA gained popularity in the UK  I registered the cattery name Tarantela no. C-12585 with TICA on 1st May 2002. In 2016 after 20 years I decided to stop breeding Bengal cats as in 2009 I started a small Savannah breeding programme and fell completely in love with the Savannah and decided if I do not change now I never would. I love everything about the Savannah with its lovely spots and tall rangy body and wild faces and huge ears, you can just see them in the Savannah of Africa. Working with both the Bengal and Savannah I find the temperaments very similar but I always say the Savannah is like a Bengal with an extra sweetness.tarantela Siamese kittens

Siamese cats have always been my first love, the sapphire eyes, the light coats with the darker points the very close coat which always look so sleek and glossy. The pure elegance and charm of them always draws me back.  I always have had some around in my life.  I have tried to breed Siamese in the past but something always came along to prevent this.  From 2016 I  started a small quality breeding programme of pure Siamese cats. The Siamese is unique in its love and affection, they are very intelligent and alluring cats which  make wonderful family pets.

We are located in Cheshire within easy reach of the M6 in the West Midlands.

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We are members of the GCCF and TICA